Our team

Shay Kalfuss

Founder | +31 6 2279 3759

Shay is fascinated by people and high quality materials. In 2002, he founded Nitesco as a place where the two come together. Under his leadership, Nitesco has grown into one of the most successful natural stone maintenance companies in Europe.

His love for aesthetics and architecture runs like a thread through Shay’s career. He has founded several companies dedicated to beautifying interiors and facades through distinguished and stylish craftsmanship.

Shay has a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of service and hospitality; qualities that serve Nitesco well.

When Shay is not throwing himself into solving strategic issues, he is a devoted father. In addition, he is a great lover of art and culture.


Eva Gruijters

Business architecture | +31 6 4762 0837

Eva contributes to the most effective and efficient business operations at Nitesco with the goal of quality improvement, satisfied customers, cost control and engaged employees. She focuses on optimizing business processes and ensures that compliance procedures are followed.

With over fifteen years of experience, Eva has a proven track record in finance, operations and project management. She has a master’s degree in Economics and spent time at Deloitte and PWC, where she was involved with large accounts such as KPN and Douwe Egberts. She also shaped business processes, enterprise resource planning and risk management strategies. With broad product and industry insights, Eva sees opportunities that are not immediately obvious. She is eager to learn, has a pronounced “can do” attitude and an eye for detail.

Outside of her responsibilities at Nitesco, Eva prefers to be with her family. She is a creative analytical thinker, a free spirit and a world traveler. She consciously engages in culture and a healthy lifestyle


Dennis Hulst

Operations | +31 6 1078 3942

Dennis leads Nitesco´s execution team. His focus is on creating strong relationships and customer experiences. He also delivers operational and financial excellence with Nitesco´s projects.

Dennis is straightforward and has the ability to accurately assess technical and logistical challenges, set the right priorities, and communicate effectively with a clear purpose. He does this concisely and to the point. He is hands-on and enjoys the challenges that come with working in a demanding environment.

Dennis started his career at the Ministry of Justice and Security and subsequently worked at several leading companies. Amongst others, he held the position of regional operations manager food at ISS, where he was responsible for several major clients such as Heineken, FrieslandCampina, Hilton Foods and Verkade.

In his spare time, Dennis contributes as a volunteer and soccer coach, enjoys spending time with his family and hiking around the national parks of Thailand.


Richard Baas

Key accounts | +31 6 1083 9811

Richard joined Nitesco in 2011 as key account manager. Over the past twenty years he has gained a reputation in the industry as a skilled and pragmatic expert.

Richard has extensive experience as an estimator, draughtsman, planner and budget holder, project manager and consultant for notable natural stone projects, including the magnificent Rijksmuseum. As a result, he understands the context of each project like no other and knows what our clients expect from our service. He carries out his work with a combination of infectious enthusiasm and authority, has a modern approach to service provision and possesses a great deal of specialist knowledge which he puts to optimum use.

When he is not working, Richard likes to be with his wife, two daughters and friends. He also plays golf, organizes soccer tournaments and likes to travel around the world.