• Client

    • ABN AMRO
  • Architect

    • Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
    • (Henry N. Cobb, Yvonne Szeto)
    • de Architekten Cie
  • Materials

    • Virginia Black
    • Poiseul
    • Bianco Rosa
    • Lila Gerais
  • Construction

    • 1999 - 2006
    • 2012
  • Offerings

    • Expert consulting
    • Heavy maintenance
    • Periodical maintenance

ABN AMRO knocked on Nitesco's door in 2009 with the request to bring the natural stone finishes of its headquarters in line with the professional, powerful and reliable character of the bank.

In the beginning, we restoratively and cosmetically treated all natural stone interior finishes. In doing so, we optimized the appearance, durability, safety, and ease of use of the natural stone.

Since then, we have been responsible for the total maintenance of the natural stone interior finishes of various locations of the bank. Nitesco provides several permanent services in the buildings Gustav Mahlerlaan (Amsterdam headquarters), Foppingadreef (Amsterdam), IJsseltoren (Zwolle), Koningskade (The Hague) and Coolsingel (Rotterdam).

Furthermore, in 2012 Nitesco supplied and installed natural stone floors and stairs as part of a large-scale renovation of the Gustav Mahlerlaan head office. The focus here was on the renovation of existing material, the sustainable use of new best-match natural stone to be supplied and the avoidance of unnecessary replacement. In 2019, we also gave the natural stone cladding of the head office a major maintenance overhaul.

With our sustainable services, the effectiveness of which has been proven by TNO, we are contributing to ABN AMRO's integrated long-term sustainability strategy.

ABN AMRO's prestigious headquarters is an imposing design that conveys the identity of one of the world's leading banks. The office has been rewarded with several international awards for its sustainable design and use of natural stone: from AIA Top Ten Green Project to Building Stone's Tucker Award and BREEAM's award for the most sustainable active office building. The complex consists of approximately 126,000 square feet of superstructure and houses approximately five thousand professionals.

"It was fascinating and educational to manage this interesting project from start to finish. From advising during construction and visiting the quarries for quality control, to monitoring and sustainably maintaining the fantastic final product." - Richard Baas | Key Accounts | Nitesco