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Cleaning natural stone

There are many different ways to properly clean a natural stone surface. How can I best clean my natural stone? How can I remove stains from my natural stone floor?


Remove stains from natural stone

Stains on your natural stone tiles, something you would rather not have. Prevention is better than cure. Most stone types are porous. When a tile comes into contact with moisture, dark discolorations can occur. In addition, damage can occur from acids. A large number of natural stone types are not acid resistant. For example, lemon juice can cause an ugly dull spot on marble. Dyes in, for example, red wine can cause annoying stains after application. Especially on light stone types. It is important to remove the dirt from the surface as quickly as possible. Do not use cleaning products that can give an unwanted reaction to the stone. If you still want to get started with your own cleaning agent, we recommend that you test it on a small surface before you treat the rest of the floor.

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Cleaning natural stone outside

All types of stone are more or less porous. Stone surfaces exposed to the outdoors can become overgrown with algae and mosses over time. The effect depends on the location due to sun, rain and wind influences. The formation of algae discolours the surface, floors and stairs can become dangerously slippery. Combustion with high-pressure cleaners is not recommended, as is the use of vinegar or chlorine. The best way to clean natural stone yourself is to remove the dirt as quickly as possible. You can do this by the use of a garden hose. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner. This can unnecessarily damage your natural stone floor. Chlorine and vinegar can cause stains in some cases. Curious how you can best clean natural stone? Nitesco’s natural stone experts have the right knowledge and materials to solve this problem.

Cleaning natural stone inside

In most cases you can clean natural stone by using water and a cloth. When this is not enough, you can use a special cleaning agent for natural stone. These cleaning products are often without bleach or acid so that they do not affect the natural stone during cleaning. We advise against using limescale cleaner. Chalk is the base of some stone and can be damaged by using these products. We do advise you to work with a soft cloth and not to work with a scouring sponge, this will damage the tiles.

Clean natural stone after installation

Maintaining your natural stone in a proper way begins with the delivering of a clean natural stone surface. After installing natural stone, the stone must be thoroughly cleaned of any remaining joint material. If cleaning is not done thoroughly and accurately enough, a dull cement veil can develop. It is not possible to remove a dull cement veil with water. Special resources can still be used, but incorrect use can cause damage to the stone. Based on this information you will understand that it is important to have your stone cleaned by a company that is specialized in natural stone maintenance.

Clean natural stone professionally

Nitesco is specialized in cleaning natural stone surfaces professionally. After some time it is no longer possible to maintain a natural stone floor yourself and a professional approach is required. At Nitesco we can repair and renovate dull or damaged surfaces. Each floor needs a different approach. Our experts will be happy to explain which treatment is best for your floor. Please contact us for advice.