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Natural stone cleaning

It is important to know that natural stone cleaning is a delicate business. It is not enough to simply mop the surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. Professional natural stone cleaning is required to ensure that the natural stone surface is treated with the right products, techniques and approach.

There are numerous benefits to professionally cleaning natural stone. Some of these benefits include:

1. Clean with the right products 

There are many products available for cleaning natural stone. A professional knows which ones are most suitable for each type of stone and can also use them correctly. Using the wrong products can result in stains or other types of damage.

2. Protection against damage

Professional natural stone cleaning will prevent surface damage by using proper products and techniques. A clean surface free of dust, sand or other material will reduce the chance of scratches and other types of damage. Also, a clean surface ensures that any mold or bacteria will not have a chance to affect the surface.

3. Hygiene 

The timely cleaning of natural stone ensures that fungi and bacteria have no chance to settle on the surface or in small scratches and cracks. This is important not only to maintain quality and prevent damage, but also to offer visitors and customers a sterile environment.

4. A longer lifespan 

Regular and professional cleaning of natural stone surfaces improves hygiene and acts as a preventive measure against damage. By maintaining natural stone on time with the right cleaning agents and techniques, you ensure a longer life of the material.

5. Optimal appearance 

While protection and hygiene are important benefits of cleaning, the eye wants something too. Natural stone is known worldwide for its great looks and appearance. A professionally cleaned surface here not only protects, but also ensures the optimal shine of natural stone. Thus, it not only extends the lifespan, but also the aesthetics of the stone.

The correct hygiene for natural stone

Cleaning and hygiene are daily business in offices and buildings where employees, customers and visitors pass through. Not only does proper hygiene provide a well-kept and professional appearance, but it also helps reduce bacterial transmission and health.

Proper cleaning of natural stone helps in protecting the surface and the people who come in contact with it. Using the right products and techniques is essential to properly clean and maintain natural stone. General cleaning products contain many chemicals that can drastically affect the surface of the stone. So it is important to know which maintenance products are suitable for cleaning a specific type of natural stone.

Nitesco specializes in cleaning virtually all types of stone and has the right knowledge and experience in using the right products and techniques. Please contact us for free advice on cleaning natural stone.

TNO research shows Nitesco's unsurpassed structure optimisation

The quality of our service, compared to that of others, has been objectively measured by TNO. The research results show that Nitesco significantly outperforms other market players. Our unique treatment method leads to an optimal surface finish and provides excellent protection, such as high wear resistance and minimal permeability.

  • Before situation: worn Carrara Bianco floor surface - Damaged surface structure and high porosity

  • After situation: repair treatment by third party - Vulnerable crackle structure and low abrasion resistance

  • After situation: repair treatment by Nitesco - Optimal surface density, strengthened and made amorphous

Protection of the surface

While cleaning natural stone is important at all times to maintain its quality and appearance, proper protection is perhaps even more important. Applying an antibacterial protective coating to natural stone is a way to keep dirt, bacteria and any chemicals from having a chance.

Nitesco specializes in the development and application of a patented treatment that keeps natural stone in optimal condition. Through the use of our self-developed product “DEFENDER” we apply an invisible protective layer to natural stone. This layer kills 99% of bacteria that come into contact with it. Bacteria have no chance to attack the surface and the stone is completely anti-bacterial and ready for daily use.

Natural stone cleaning by Nitesco

Nitesco has years of experience in the professional protection and cleaning of natural stone. Our expertise extends to virtually all types of stone, including marble, granite, slate, travertine, stony and ceramic tiles, among others. Our team of professionals is qualified to handle the right products and techniques for each type of stone. We are available to answer any questions and provide you with no-obligation advice on cleaning your natural stone.