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Natural stone renovation

Natural stone is a material that has been used for centuries for various construction and renovation projects. It has many advantages over other materials, making it a popular choice among people looking for a durable and aesthetic finish. Natural stone renovation is a process in which the stone is restored, cleaned and polished to retain its original quality and colour.

Importance of natural stone renovation

Natural stone is one of the most valuable materials we have for our construction projects. It is strong, durable and has a unique look. But with time, the quality of natural stone can deteriorate and its appearance can change. This is why renovation of natural stone is so important. Renovation is an essential step to preserve and improve the quality and appearance of existing structures. Moreover, restoration prevents further damage to the structure and can make it last longer.

Renovation of existing surfaces

There are several techniques that can be used to refurbish existing surfaces. The most common techniques are the application of a special coating, polishing and the repair of fine scratches. Through our techniques, weathered natural stone can be given new life and returned to its original state.
Although each type of stone requires its own appropriate solution, our professionals usually go through the steps below to restore natural stone to top condition:

  1. Removal of old protective/impregnating layers on the surface
  2. Removal of surface imperfections
  3. Careful sanding of surface with fine grit
  4. Removal of dust and accumulated dirt
  5. Application of sealer for surface protection
  6. Application of products for gloss optimisation
  7. Professional cleaning and polishing of surface
  8. Treatment of surface with impregnating agent

Replacing natural stone

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace broken pieces of natural stone. There are special techniques and materials that can be used to replace broken pieces and prevent the appearance from deteriorating. Here, it is important that the right materials and techniques are used to ensure that the restoration is done properly.

In conclusion, restoration of natural stone is an essential step to preserve and improve the quality and appearance of existing structures. Restoration can clean old stones, renew existing surfaces and replace broken pieces. Moreover, restoration prevents further damage to the structure and can make it last longer.

TNO research shows Nitesco's unsurpassed structure optimisation

The quality of our service, compared to that of others, has been objectively measured by TNO. The research results show that Nitesco significantly outperforms other market players. Our unique treatment method leads to an optimal surface finish and provides excellent protection, such as high wear resistance and minimal permeability.

  • Before situation: worn Carrara Bianco floor surface - Damaged surface structure and high porosity

  • After situation: repair treatment by third party - Vulnerable crackle structure and low abrasion resistance

  • After situation: repair treatment by Nitesco - Optimal surface density, strengthened and made amorphous

Preventing damage

In many cases, we perform restoration work on natural stone that has aged over time and has not been optimally maintained during this time. Professional restoration of natural stone is a complex and intensive process and differs for each type of stone and use. While it can always happen that natural stone is weathered over time and in need of professional optimisation, prevention is always better than cure.

By having natural stone checked by a professional in a timely manner, inconspicuous damage and deterioration can be noticed. Regular and timely maintenance of natural stone minimises damage, discolouration and other deterioration. This way, large-scale renovation is something that does not have to be done quickly which can save a lot of time and costs.

Natural stone renovation by Nitesco

Nitesco has years of experience in the professional renovation of natural stone. Our expertise extends to virtually all types of stone, including marble, granite, slate, travertine, stony and ceramic tiles. Our team of professionals is qualified to renovate and restore natural stone to its original state. We are at your service to answer any questions and provide non-binding advice on natural stone renovation.