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Natural stone repair

Natural stone is one of the most versatile and durable building materials available. These types of stone can be used for every conceivable application, from floors to exterior walls. Although natural stone can be a lifelong investment, damage can occur over time that needs to be repaired. Nitesco has been offering natural stone repair services to companies and individuals for over 20 years. There are several reasons why natural stone repair is important for maintaining the quality of natural stone.

Natural beauty

Natural stone is a beautiful material that has been used for centuries to make furniture, facades and floors. It is a beautiful addition to any room. Unfortunately, damage can occur over time that diminishes the external beauty of the stone. Because the material is naturally fragile, it is important to have it repaired if damage occurs. This ensures that your natural stone retains its great appearance and that minor damage does not result in bigger damage over time.

Extended lifespan

Although natural stone already has a long lifespan, the aging process can be slowed down with timely repair. Timely inspection and repair are important to guarantee the lifespan of the material. Small damage can easily spread over time to bigger damage that has negative consequences for the strength and appearance of the stone. Repairing this minor damage in time so that a bigger problem does not occur, ensures optimal preservation of the lifespan of natural stone.

Maintaining hygiene and strength

Doing timely repairs can remove contaminants that have built up over time. Bacteria and fungi quickly settle in small holes, scratches and dents in the surface of the stone. With a regular maintenance schedule, these contaminants can be removed and the damage can be repaired. Not only does this preserve the natural stone further protection against mould growth, it also ensures that minor damage does not expand into a larger problem.

TNO research shows Nitesco's unsurpassed structure optimisation

The quality of our service, compared to that of others, has been objectively measured by TNO. The research results show that Nitesco significantly outperforms other market players. Our unique treatment method leads to an optimal surface finish and provides excellent protection, such as high wear resistance and minimal permeability.

  • Before situation: worn Carrara Bianco floor surface - Damaged surface structure and high porosity

  • After situation: repair treatment by third party - Vulnerable crackle structure and low abrasion resistance

  • After situation: repair treatment by Nitesco - Optimal surface density, strengthened and made amorphous

Monitoring to spot damage in time

Not all damage to natural stone is immediately visible to the naked eye. Small cracks, dents and scratches often occur without being noticed and are often not discovered until the damage has spread. In this case, larger repairs are needed to restore the quality of the stone to its natural state and appearance.

For this reason, timely inspection of natural stone is important. Our team of professionals specialise in checking natural stone to spot smaller damage. Because of this timely detection, smaller and less extensive repairs are needed. Over time, this not only preserves natural stone but also keeps potential costs down.

Natural stone repair by Nitesco

Nitesco has years of experience in professionally checking and repairing natural stone. Our expertise extends to almost all types of stone, including: marble, granite, slate, travertine, stony and ceramic tiles. Our team of professionals is qualified to repair and restore natural stone to its original state. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide non-binding advice on the care of your natural stone.