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Natural stone is a common and versatile building material that has been used for centuries. It is strong, durable and offers many advantages over other materials. However, the durability of the material is linked to the level of maintenance carried out. Natural stone seems untouchable, but minor damage, discolouration and stains can occur quickly. Although not drastic at first glance, these can deteriorate quickly over time and drastically impact both the appearance and quality of the material.

When should I preserve natural stone?

Generally, preventive conservation is recommended immediately after the installation of natural stone. Consider deep cleaning and impregnation to minimise the risk of staining, efflorescence and water damage. It is then advisable to have a multi-year maintenance plan drawn up. This way, you ensure that the natural stone is properly maintained from the very first moment so that complications such as damage and other deterioration of the material do not occur.

Regular conservation of natural stone offers several advantages. Below we describe some of the most important ones.

Preventing damage
One of the main benefits of preserving natural stone is preventing damage. Without proper maintenance, natural stone can suffer scratches, stains and other damage that can be difficult to undo. Also, the accumulation of dirt can cause minor scratches and a dull appearance. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the stone can prevent these damages and changes.

Extending the lifespan
Besides preventing damage, conservation of natural stone can also extend its lifespan. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only keeps the stone beautiful, but also makes it more resistant to daily use.

Improving appearance
Regular conservation of the stone results in maintaining a beautiful shine. Wiping natural stone itself regularly with a warm damp cloth works wonders. However, it is recommended to have professional maintenance carried out once in a while.

Preventing algae and moss growth
For natural stone used in humid environments such as bathrooms or as exteriors of buildings and homes, algae and moss can be a problem. Algae and mass penetrate through small holes in the surface and can damage the stone over time. However, regular preservation and the application of an impregnation layer can prevent algae and moss formation.

Maintenance methods
There are a few methods for natural stone conservation. It is important to use the right method for the right type of stone. For some stones, you can use special cleaning agents, while other stones should be cleaned only with water and a mild detergent. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully before starting maintenance.

TNO research shows Nitesco's unsurpassed structure optimisation

The quality of our service, compared to that of others, has been objectively measured by TNO. The research results show that Nitesco significantly outperforms other market players. Our unique treatment method leads to an optimal surface finish and provides excellent protection, such as high wear resistance and minimal permeability.

  • Before situation: worn Carrara Bianco floor surface - Damaged surface structure and high porosity

  • After situation: repair treatment by third party - Vulnerable crackle structure and low abrasion resistance

  • After situation: repair treatment by Nitesco - Optimal surface density, strengthened and made amorphous

Surface protection

While conservation of natural stone is important at all times to maintain its quality and appearance, correct protection is perhaps even more important. Applying an antibacterial protective layer to natural stone is a way to prevent dirt, bacteria and any chemicals from having a chance. Nitesco specialises in developing and applying a patented treatment that keeps natural stone in optimal condition. By using our self-developed product “DEFENDER”, we apply an invisible protective layer to natural stone. This layer kills 99% of bacteria that come into contact with it. Bacteria have no chance to attack the surface and the natural stone is completely anti-bacterial and ready for daily use.

Natural stone conservation by Nitesco

Nitesco has years of experience in the professional maintenance of natural stone. Our expertise extends to virtually all types of stone, including marble, granite, slate, travertine, stony and ceramic tiles. Our team of professionals is qualified to handle the right products and techniques for each type of stone. We are at your service to answer any questions and provide non-binding advice on the maintenance of your natural stone.