• Jan van Gentstraat 158B
  • 1171 GP, Badhoevedorp

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam is a legendary five-star hotel on the east bank of the Amstel river. The hotel is characterised by elegance and luxury. The unique atmosphere, the impressive lobby and the authentic character of the rooms make many stars and royalty feel right at home in this Grand Dame Hotel.

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam has been a regular client of Nitesco since 2002. The hotel approached us with a request to renovate and maintain the hotel’s natural stone finishes, making them worthy of the hotel’s glamorous reputation. This included all natural stone finishes (floors, walls and tops) of the lobby, 79 exclusive rooms and health & fitness club. Nitesco carried out the job without inconveniencing the hotel guests and has now been ensuring, through a service agreement, that the natural stone finishes meet the high quality standards of the hotel and its guests for 20 years.

“We particularly appreciate Nitesco’s flexibility, commitment and adaptability as well as her good follow-up!” – General Manager | InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam