• Client

    • Schakel & Schrale, Royal Bam Group
    • The Central Government Real
    • Estate Agency
  • Architect

    • Jacob van Campen
    • Daniël Stalpaert
  • Materials

    • Öland Grau
    • Öland Röd
    • Bianco Carrara
    • Noir de Mazy
  • Construction

    • 1648 - 1665
    • 2005 - 2009
  • Offerings

    • Heritage conservation
    • Restoration & repair
    • Specialized cleaning

As part of the most prestigious heritage renovation project of the decade, Nitesco was tasked with restoring all of the natural stone floor and wall finishes of the Royal Palace Amsterdam to their original magnificent condition. The renovation served to prepare the Royal Palace Amsterdam for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander.

Nitesco combines traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation to achieve project goals and meet the highest international standards appropriate for official receptions and the reception of high-profile guests.

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is one of three palaces used by the Royal Family for state visits, award ceremonies and New Year's receptions. This palace originally served as the city hall and then as the palace of King Louis Napoleon. Today, it is an iconic location of the Royal Family for royal weddings and official occasions such as abdication and inauguration of the king or queen.

"I am delighted that we embarked on this unimaginably beautiful adventure together. It was a privilege to work on this unique monument and make the crown jewel of the top 100 monuments of the Netherlands ready for the future." - Shay Kalfuss | Founder | Nitesco